Traffic Accidents


    Advice for the victims of road accidents to claim compensation and to be party to legal proceedings.

    We offer to our clients the necessary expertise to enforce the liability against the driver responsible for the accident, and to claim compensation on their part against the insurer of the vehicle that caused the damage, for injuries, damages and other damages suffered. We work throughout the Spanish territory and the first visit is free in order to assess the circumstances of his case and his rights in both criminal proceedings and in civil proceedings, as well as the possibility of court. Our clients are always advised by experienced lawyers from Perez Tirado Lawyers which may answer all your questions.


    We complement our work in collaboration with a team of leading specialists, currently to raise the maximum guarantees of a claim in the courts, such as:

    • Engineering specialists in the reconstruction of traffic accidents that have the most advanced technology.
    • Renowned medical experts for the most correct and accurate assessment of injuries.
    • Mathematicians to ensure the most accurate calculation of economic damage suffered.


    If you have suffered an accident as a driver of a vehicle, occupant, pedestrian or traveler, please contact us. No cost and without obligation on your part, this report will inform you about the best way to claim any compensation that may apply.

    If we consider that the claim is viable, we will not charge any upfront fee, only a percentage of the sum which may be obtained, which will have to be paid after the payment for their share of compensation. Furthermore, in most cases, the insurance policy of our vehicle will cover wholly or partly, the costs of our intervention. If so, we ourselves will take care of the necessary steps to be your insurance that pays our fees.


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